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Deuce's Cookies is a Christian-based online/pop-up bakery in South Louisiana. Our specialty is thick and gooey cookies that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Deuce started this bakery with a dream to spread sweetness from our cookies while simultaneously spreading the joy of Jesus.

In 2022, Deuce started baking for family/friends. It didn't take long for word to spread about his amazing cookies. After receiving overwhelming feedback, Deuce decided to take his baking to the next level...a cookie company! 

Deuce serves his customers by offering deliveries & pick-ups through online orders. He also offers catering, and will soon offer shipping! 

Each order is prayed over, and all of our boxes include verses straight from the Bible in an effort to spread immeasurable joy; which, we believe, can only be found in Christ Jesus! 

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Deuce, aka Even St. Julien, is the 16-year-old owner of Deuce's Cookies. He is the one behind all of the deliciousness in our cookies. Even began baking for friends/family in the spring of 2022, later beginning his company in the fall of 2022. 


Even is 16-years-old and was born & raised in Mire, Louisiana. Even is professionally known as a local news reporter and social media personality, as he began his own news station in 2016 as a kid. Even's dreams stretch far beyond a cookie shop, though, as he hopes to also become a Christian evangelist one day, through his gift of singing and public speaking. His hopes are to simply have a cookie company, while doing ministry assignments; spreading the Good News of God.

Cookies are important to Even, but nothing comes before his love for his faith and his family.  His Christian faith is an important aspect in his life, which is why he was sure to incorporate Jesus into his company. 


About Deuce

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